13 March 2013

Things I believe #296:

Things I believe #296: 

God doesn't give you a load to bear. God doesn't put trial and tribulations in your way. All of that is just life. Also known as "shit happens". God is the good friend who will listen to you when you are feeling low. God is there to remind you that (in the paraphrased word of Terry Pratchett) sin is treating people like things and things like people. God reminds you that you are worthy, you are human, you are imperfect and shit happening to you is not a test to be passed but an event, one of a series in your life. God is there to be a solid center, to be a home to come back to, a place to rest, replace your bandages and do another round of first aid on your friends before going out into the world again.

Shit happens. God loves you. The two are not connected.

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susan s. said...

Love this and shared your link. I am a Facebook friend of your mom. I'm going to put you on my RSS feed.