12 July 2009

Erratic Orbit

Today I got up, dressed for church, left on time, arrived early only to find...

...that today there were no 1030 services-- today was the day of the Church picnic.

Now I don't go to church regularly, but the priest had called us to see if we were thinking of becoming regular members of the parish and we'd said yes. Have we received any other information from them? No.

Does their web-site say that there are no services today? No. (There is a listing for "Church picnic" under events but no time, date, or location is given.)

Do I feel bad that it is currently pouring down rain and I am indoors with a nice cup of coffee and my computer? No.

However, I have a new description of my status as a church-goer-- I'm a comet in a highly erratic orbit and you never know when my path will cross with an actual church service.


Ann said...


JimB said...


Someone needs to get the clergy and wardens of a diocese to a magnetic church conference. I do wonder what they teach in seminaries!


Bishop Greg Rickel said...

I am so sad to hear this! We have a lot of work to do!

Greg Rickel

kehf said...

Quick follow-up:

This is the email I got when I sent a note to the webmaster about the church's website: "Hello, I am away until 12/31/1969 and am unable to read your message."

And I left out the part about running into several church ladies who told me in person that there would be no services and invited me to the picnic (so it wasn't quite as bad as showing up to a locked church). They said they'd been trying to get the word out "every way they knew how" for several weeks. As someone who has edited a church newsletter, I feel their pain.